An audit is an official inspection of an organisation’s accounts, typically by an independent body. Medium sized charities (annual revenue between $250k – $1m) must submit financial reports to the ACNC which have been either audited or reviewed. All large charities (annual revenue greater than $1m) must provide audited financial reports to the ACNC. If submitted these are available on a charity’s individual page.


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Integrity, honesty and unbiased assessment are at the core of Giving Guide’s mission. The charity sector is important to the economy and culture of Australia, We believe independently assessing the accountability, transparency and effectiveness of the sector beyond what is currently available is important to it's future.

Giving Guide anticipates enhancing the level of governance and transparency in the Australian charity sector. An independent charity advisor would benefit the sector by helping charities consider exceeding the existing governance standards of the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) to the benefit of donors.

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